Our Services

We aim to support programs, organisations and initiatives that serve the diverse needs of our local Muslim community.

Awareness & Advocacy

The Muslim Community Fund is dedicated to fostering awareness and promoting the true understanding of Islam and Muslims amongst the wider Australian Community. We are committed to supporting ongoing campaigns that tackle crucial issues, offering resources to address community challenges, and engaging with diverse groups to foster positive relationships and counter misconceptions. Furthermore, The Muslim Community Fund will actively promote digital platforms that amplify the voices of the Muslim community as well as empower these voices through national workshops, summits, and conferences. These events will bring together prominent leaders and experts to discuss the future of Islam in Australia, fostering collaboration and dialogue within the community and more importantly, preserving the Islamic identity for generations to come.

Community Engagement & Outreach

The Muslim Community Fund’s community engagement and outreach initiatives encompass supporting Muslim chaplaincy services across various institutions such as correctional facilities, hospitals, and universities. Additionally, we will fund and facilitate the crucial need for scripture programs, curriculums and instructors in both the Islamic and public education sectors. Furthermore, The Muslim Community Fund will contribute to community events like Eid celebrations and Iftar dinners, fostering awareness, understanding, and engagement between the Muslim community and the broader Australian society. These gatherings not only honour significant Islamic occasions but also provide regular opportunities for communal unity and building bridges with other communities and stakeholders.

Islamic Education

Through educational initiatives and research, The Muslim Community Fund endeavours to foster a comprehensive understanding of Islamic teachings and Islamic legacy among the Australian-born Muslim generations. By doing so, we aim to offer practical programs and solutions for preserving Islamic identity within the Australian context. Additionally, our efforts include facilitating mentorship and leadership programs aimed at cultivating future Muslim leaders across diverse fields, including professionals, intellectuals, business leaders, decision-makers, Imams and others.

Legal Support

With a commitment to engaging in political advocacy, The Muslim Community Fund aims to influence policies and key decision-makers in government, media, and civil society on issues of paramount importance to Australian Muslims. This includes funding legal actions and litigation to safeguard and promote the welfare of the diverse Muslim community. Furthermore, The Muslim Community Fund will address community concerns regarding security and safety by providing assistance and guidance to the Muslim community on security and emergency management programs and policies. This will involve the unprecedented development and implementation of a national security strategy for Australian Muslims, conducting protective security reviews for Muslim organisations and venues, and serving as a central point of contact for state and federal authorities regarding the safety and security of Muslim communities nationwide.